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I’ll even punch a baby, I don’t care.

I’ll even punch a baby, I don’t care.

It’s not a cliche, its a classic. The Stairway to Heaven of breakup lines.

"How about its not you its me?"
"Six words: You look fat in those jeans."

Swing is nothing but orchestrated sex, a phallic symbol set to sound.

the Blue Barron

Words from the Dowager Countess » Downton Abbey

I’m not a romantic, but even I will concede that the heart does not exist solely for the purpose of pumping blood. {Season 2}

Forgive? Perhaps. Forget? Never. {Season 3}

I’m too tired for an evening of second-hand emotion. {Season 4}


Saved By The Bell -  the first episode! How much do I love Slater’s soft side and his dance-worthy wrestling singlet?

100 posts!

100 posts!

Christina Ricci as this Bump character in Ally McBeal. Ferocious! 

Haha. Octopus. 

To me, you are perfect. 

January Jones in Love Actually.

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