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Awesome black-and-white screenshots of Louis Armstrong in Europe, from Ken Burns: “JAZZ.”

Hey, you. 

Captain Cool. 

Call Kenny Loggins because you’re in the Danger Zone. 

Archer Season 1, Episode 2: Top Quotes

Malory: Stirred up Cyril. In the loins. 
Cyril: You think her loins were stirring?
Malory: If not frothing!

Malory to Pam: Like youd recognize a vegetable that wasn’t wrapped in a montecristo sandwich. 
Malory: Just drive around listening to raps and shooting all the jobs.
Cyril to Lana: aww you are such a naughtly nelly.

ARCHER: Season 1, Episode 1: Best Quotes

Lana: Wanna do it again and put on some interracial porn?
Archer: God its like my brain is that tree and you’re those little cookie elves.
Archer: No don’t, you’re so ugly when you cry. 

Mallory: ISIS isn’t your own personal travel agency. It doesn’t exist so you can jet off to WHORE ISLAND.

Archer: That’s not… a real place.

Archer: Oh good you caught the pita predator. 

Archer to Woodhouse: Oh are they? Or are five in a dark black and five in a slightly darker black?
Lana: And while youre not speaking to me… jump up your own ass and die.
Archer: who would want to wear an on-fire suit?
Lana: cos play enthusiasts! 
Lana: I dumped you because you’re dragging around a 35-year-old umbilical cord.
Mallory: An erection? The thought of me dead gives you an erection?
Archer: No, just half of one. 
Mallory: And why are there donuts every where? Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants. 
I’ll even punch a baby, I don’t care.

I’ll even punch a baby, I don’t care.

It’s not a cliche, its a classic. The Stairway to Heaven of breakup lines.

"How about its not you its me?"
"Six words: You look fat in those jeans."

Swing is nothing but orchestrated sex, a phallic symbol set to sound.

the Blue Barron

Words from the Dowager Countess » Downton Abbey

I’m not a romantic, but even I will concede that the heart does not exist solely for the purpose of pumping blood. {Season 2}

Forgive? Perhaps. Forget? Never. {Season 3}

I’m too tired for an evening of second-hand emotion. {Season 4}


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